Heavy Jet

Boeing 737-500

Ashley Air and Travel Boeing 737-500 VIP

Seats 56
Bagagge Capacity 1100 cu ft
Speed 455 kts
Range 4,500 miles
Interior Width 11 .04 ft
Interior Height 7ft

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the GlobeAshley Air Boeing 737-500 VIP

Our Boeing 737-500 VIP is considered a “Luxury Heavy Jet” category aircraft offering a two-zone cabin, two large lavatories , lots of leg room and a 1100 cu ft aft baggage compartment.

Our Boeing 737-500 Vip Jet cabin stands out above the rest.  It is completely tailored with the business world in mind.  It is first and only comparable jet with three separate cabin zones to increase productivity on the road, so to speak.  Executives can stay connected with high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, a three-line phone system and power outlets, all on-board.  Its cabin size surpasses all jets in its class, seven-foot-tall ceilings allow plenty of room to stand up and maneuver about the cabin. Cabin length measures 68.4 ft, while width is 11.9 ft max.  The 737 is normally configured for 143 passengers in two standard seating arrangements.

Comfort & Size

Ashley Air Boeing 737-500 jet is good for corporate or group travel, family special events, weddings and sports team travel.

Luxury In Flight Meals

Every flight on our luxurious large private jets offers fine dining from premier aviation caterers from around the world. You’ll choose from our gourmet Signature Selections Menu, which includes a range of options based on season, region, and, most importantly, the dishes that taste best at elevation.

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