5 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation – On a Rainy Day

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Let’s be honest….it rains at the beach. Sure, the majority of the time the chances of flip flop weather are near 100% but there are days when only a Wellie will do, and if you find yourself in Destin, Fort Walton Beach or Okaloosa Island on one of those days, here is how you survive…

Indulge in an ALL DAY spa day

The Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village is a beautiful place to visit. The many restaurant choices and outdoor shops make it a “must see” spot when visiting our destination. But, did you know they offer a killer spa retreat? The Spa at Emerald Grande is located on the second floor of the West Tower with commanding views of the Gulf of Mexico. I recommend an indulgent trifecta of pedicure, manicure and massage.  You won’t want to miss their “Heavenly Treat Manicure and Pedicure” which pampers you in a sweet soak of either chocolate or strawberry. Yes, please!

Catch a movie

I consider movie watching a serious sport, so image how lucky I feel to live near fantastic theater options. If you are near the Santa Rosa Mall on said day, check out the United Artists 10. Not only will you be strategically placed to catch a new flick but you can also pick up an outfit or two at one of their many store options. On the Destin side of the bridge, nestled in the heart of the Destin Commons, you’ll find the AMC 14. Will you need an umbrella to walk there? Yes. Is it worth it? YES! My two favorite things about this location…IMAX and a bar. Enough said.

Brush up on your history

Whenever I travel, I like to return to my home base a bit smarter and rainy days are the perfect opportunity to check this box. I recommend the following historical route. First stop, the Destin History and Fishing Museum where you can discover the mystery behind the “world’s luckiest fishing village” and see the award-winning fish caught in Destin. Next, discover three fascinating museums in the center of Fort Walton Beach’s charming downtown. The Heritage Park & Cultural Center offers the Indian Temple Museum, Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum and the Garnier Post Office Museum all within a short jaunt of each other. You’ll leave feeling enlightened and bit more connected to the past. Lastly, you’ll want to keep room in the day for the only facility in the U.S. dedicated to the display of Air Force armament, located near Eglin Air Force Base’s main gate in Fort Walton Beach. While the impressive outdoor collection may need to be saved for a less rainy day, you’ll not want to miss the over 1,500 artifacts from World War I found inside this impressive museum.

Order room service

Look, I believe there is no shame is staying in one’s jammies for the majority of the day, binge watching whatever is on TV and ordering room service. As a matter of fact, I’ve probably done this more times than I care to admit. Picture this…a plush robe, comfy socks, a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Mexico (even rainy day views are amazing) and a plate of ______ (fill in the blank). Perfection.

Who cares – hit the beach anyway

Remember when you were a kid and you would swim in lower than acceptable temperatures, then run like the wind to jump into a warm hot tub?  Remember how carefree and awesome that kid was? Find her or him….wade out into the waves; arms stretched out, and just embrace it. I mean, why experience the beach like everyone else? Appreciate it while you can though, cause who are we kidding…the sun will be back tomorrow


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